Recording Studio

  • Lessons and class projects are prioritized

  • Sessions must be requested FIVE days in advance​

  • Lion Enterprises artists are limited to FIVE hours per week, unless otherwise agreed upon by studio managers

  • You MUST lock the doors and turn off the lights after your session, NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • You are responsible for contacting Public Safety to gain access to the studio

    • Arrive 20 minutes early to contact Public Safety​

  • If you have not taken audio classes, you must have an engineer in your session

  • Clean up after yourself!

  • Smile for the camera :)

  • Contact studio managers if issues occur

  • You are 100% responsible for what happens in the studio

Studio Policies
Submitting the Form
  • You must submit TWO forms

    • ONE for primary information​ BEFORE your session

    • ONE for follow-up information AFTER your session

  • Primary information to include:

    • Name of person signing out time​

    • Desired date and time

    • Is this for a class? If so, what class and assignment?

    • Who and what instrument will be recorded?

    • Who else will be there?

    • Comments

  • Follow-up information to include:

    • What microphones were used?​

    • Were all mics accounted for?

    • Was anything visibly damaged?

    • Did you lock both the inside door and outside door to the hallway?

    • Comments

Lexi Close
Jamir Hubbard

Class Year: 2019

Major: Music industry studies

Class Year: 2018

Major: Music Industry Studies

Check Calendar for Availability!
  • Go to Outlook calendar

  • Add calendar - from directory

  • Type "CFA Recording Studio"

  • Open

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booking studio time

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